KulturMonitoring (KulMon®), scientifically supervised by the IKTf (Institute for Research on Cultural Participation), is the largest visitor research project in the German-speaking world. The long-term study with transparent and uniform methods enables cultural and leisure institutions to work strategically and with a data-based approach. KulMon® provides them with answers to a wide range of questions about their visitors, such as:

  • Who are the visitors?
  • From which region do they come?
  • How do the visitors change over time?
  • How did the visitors become aware of the business?
  • What are their interests and motives for visiting?
  • What are their expectations and needs?
  • How do they behave around their visit?
  • What effect do the business’s offers have on them?
  • How do they assess and evaluate them?

KulMon® has a wealth of experience, as more than 300,000 interviews have already been conducted with visitors to a wide range of cultural and leisure facilities as part of the project. A common, standardised questionnaire enables an exchange of survey results and benchmarking.

KulMon® provides decision-makers in cultural and leisure institutions with a scientifically sound database for their strategic and operational work, for example in relation to their programmes, marketing, education and outreach work.